Why our Round Towel products are the best:

The Round Towel is made from the best quality luxurious fabric, soft and silky on the skin, and highly absorbent.

We make our Round Beach Towel in a huge 150cm diameter. Its big enough for 2 people!

The price of the Round Towel is cheaper than some competitors. We want to keep the price as low as possible without compromising on quality.

The colour printing on the round beach towel fabric is so vibrant and striking.

Our towels weigh in at approximately 1KG, now that’s a quality fabric!

Think beyond the square! It’s multi purpose, use the Round Towel for Yoga, Boot Camp, Picnics and Beach. One of our favourite way to use the round towel is as a stylish throw rug for your lounge room. The designs compliment any home.

New designs coming soon!